What is Puppy Play?

In the kink world, a subset of pet play called puppy play involves individuals physically and sexually imitating dogs. Some people may not view this as sexual, while others may. Many things may be said about this drama, but bestiality is not one of them. Puppy humans have the capacity to consent. Bio-canines don't. They are distinct from one another. Puppy play has an allure of becoming a dog and everything it entails.

I was shocked to learn that puppy play dates all the way back to Europe in the 17th century! There isn't a lot of information from that era concerning it, as you might expect. For a very long time, puppy play has been kept largely under wraps.

With the introduction of the internet in the 1990s, it truly gained in popularity. It was then, and still mostly is now, closely related to the leather subculture among homosexual men. But don't worry! Puppies of all genders abound, and the population is expanding! The Puppy Play group on FetLife has around 14,000 members, and this practise appears to be on the rise.

Puppy Play

Who are they?

There are puppies, handlers, and pals within the pup community.

People that sit on the floor and act like puppies are known as human-pups.

Handlers: Those who still identify as humans are the handlers. Because there are typically more puppies than handlers on the scene, handlers frequently handle many puppies instead of just one. Puppies are looked after by handlers, who make sure they are safe, well-fed, and hydrated.

Companions: Although they are far less frequently mentioned in the community, companions do exist! This position is for you if you want to participate but don't want to be a pup or a handler. Human-puppies can be interacted with by companions in the same way as bio-puppies can.

Strays: Strays are human pups that do not have collars or owners.

Why stay a pup? Is shame the only motive?

As many reasons as there are playful puppies, there are to enjoy puppy play. There are some people in the community who adore the relationship between the pup and handler when it makes them feel humiliated, but they are a minority. It is primarily the exact opposite.

Most puppies like being treated with love and compassion. Saying "Good dog!" and giving them ear scratches demonstrate your appreciation and love for them. It may be as satisfying for handlers to have their dogs gaze up at them with complete, unwavering devotion and a want to please.

Pupspace or Puppy Headspace

The puppy mindset is very appealing to human-pups. It serves as a type of escape for many people, a means to unwind and make the difficulties of everyday life vanish. When you're a puppy, thinking is easier, and you can live in the present. Puppyspace can be a very effective way to reduce stress because puppies don't think about the past or the future.

Conversations between humans and puppies are silent but not silently. Human puppies pick up on body language, woofs, and tail-wagging as a kind of communication. Human-pups may interact with the world more sensually in pupspace because there are no words or difficult ideas to concentrate on. In a completely different approach from how people view the environment, they may perk up their ears and scent their way around the room.

Pupspace also gives you the chance to explore your playful side. Puppies like playing with one another, rolling about, and occasionally biting each other in a playful manner. Playing with puppies may bring that basic delight into the lives of human pups and other community members.


A puppy name may convey a lot of information about you as a pup and help you find the ideal pupspace. Check to see whether your name seems good. There is much discussion about who should name a puppy, but in the end, it is up to you! You have the option of naming yourself or allowing your handler to do so.

This can be an excellent chance to practise talking to your handler while in the puppy state. Your handler could provide suggestions and gauge how you respond to them until you come up with the ideal name!

Puppy Play Gear


Puppy play is all about getting involved and having a good time. To enter this kink, no equipment is required. BUT you can definitely get into a lot of very cool items! Always remember to research the correct cleaning and maintenance techniques for the equipment you want to purchase.

Gear is not consent, which is a further crucial point. Someone does not automatically consent to being touched by someone with whom they do not already have a connection just because they are dressed in pup gear. The process of obtaining consent as a human-pup may change slightly from that of a person, but the same basic principles still apply. Begin slowly and pay attention. Smell it out.

Puppy Hoods, Masks, and Muzzles

The mask or hood is one of your most obvious pieces of equipment. Hoods can have a pleasant sensory-deprivation impact that may make it easier for you to enter the appropriate state of mind. It may even improve your other senses for certain people.

Although there are many possibilities available that are made of high-quality materials and will help you get in the proper frame of mind, you can totally get crafty and build it yourself.

I wouldn't advise rushing to get a hood right immediately (unless one really yells at you!). It can be a little daunting to chose given the wide variety of hoods available.

Spend some time at home or with other puppies or handlers exploring your own puppy headspace. You have a lot of room to experiment with your own relationship to pupspace because there are so many different breeds of dogs. You can be a seasoned veteran dog or a boisterous young puppy who isn't always the most perceptive of their surroundings. Finding a hood that reflects your feelings will be simpler after you get an idea of your puppy's nature.

Puppy Play Tails

Puppy Tails

Ultimately, there are two fundamental kinds of tails, and then there are variants on them. There are display tails that can be attached to a belt or harness and don't pierce the skin. If you're not into butt things, you might wear these to a mosh (meet-up with the neighbourhood puppies).

Then there are plug tails, which may be rather enjoyable. A pup with a plug tail will always be very content and swinging their tail!

Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses

Collars may mean a lot of different things and can really help you get in the appropriate frame of mind. Collars can be treated with the same respect as wedding and engagement bands. Sometimes collaring rituals even resemble marriages, much as in BDSM!

Simple dog leashes that clip to your collar are one option for leashes; alternatively, you might use a full-body harness. If you don't have breasts, it is much simpler to locate a harness that will fit your physique, but thankfully, there is a limitless selection of harnesses thanks to the popularity of bondage gear! Find what suits you and makes you feel comfortable!

Knee braces with Puppy Paw Leather Fist Mitts

The most crucial equipment to purchase is undoubtedly padding for your hands and knees, even though they receive less attention than other items of equipment. Fortunately, sports and construction cushioning may be used rather well. If you're going to spend hours crawling about on all fours, make sure you have something to protect your knees and knuckles!